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What to Expect from Penske

What To Expect from Motorcycle Metal & Penske Racing

I can make this claim, and you can answer this question yourself once exposed to this product either @ a show or experiencing them in person. “There are no other shocks on the market for a HD”

The basic shock is designed for a 2 sided shock/swingarm such as in a FL Bagger, Dyna, FXR, Sportster, and V-Rod. It will give the same exact ride as my $1,5000 shock (each) except when you try and competition road race/run them hard in a lot of corners. The basic shock do not have the adjustments needed to change valving rates for hard riding in the corners or track conditions. All 8300 shocks start life the same. Just parts are added to the shock for these capabilities.

Shocks are truly a lifetime investment. It is fully rebuildable, upgradeable (add features), any part that get damaged are replaceable (say you lay your bike down or your X-wife takes a sledge hammer to it (don’t laugh on that one).

1) If you buy a different bike in the future, you can change the shock to that (2 shock swingarm fork) bike ie: Own a Sportster, 2008 Ultra, FL Panhead (1965), or any other 2 sided shock swingarm and buy say a V-Rod than no problem, unbolt, put the stocks shocks back on, sell the bike.

2) Send us the shocks (you can do this yourself if you have the tools, on the kitchen table), we re-build the shocks with the proper components such as rod length, body length, add upgraded features if so specified by you, and re-spring them. Put them on your new bike and go.

3) In the case of going to say Ultra to a similar Fl (Road King) where the measurements are the same, just send the shocks back, we re-valve & re-shim (shims are like valves & not for measurement) the shocks to a different dampening and rebound rate. Springs can be bought anytime. They are replaceable by taking off the shock, unscrewing the collar with the provided tool, R&R the spring, than put the shock back on.

4) If you (I do this) own a Road King & run it around without the bags & spend a big pile of money getting it light, change it into a FL road racer than want to take a trip with the comforts of a Ultra, no problem.
a) Drastic weight changes such as 400-500 lbs and going on a road trip for many days, pop in new springs with a higher spring rate. I buy the manually adjustable shocks for road racing so I than adjust by turning the settings plus put in new springs for the added weight for an extended ride (weeks).
b) If you ride 1 up 70% of the time (and the bike is set up that way by you and I) with no luggage & want to take a few day road trip say into a few states away with a loaded bike with a 250 lb passenger, no problem. Normally, just get on and go. If the sag or preload is too much travel, pop off the bags and re-adjust the preload spring rate by turning the collar down a few nubs (count em & write it down so you can go back to it later). You can buy a remote spring adjuster so you do not have to remove your bags, however, WTF, you do not need it. Being lazy is 1 thing, but come on, why spend the money?
c) What about the air adjustability loss? The reason why Air Shocks are put on HD’s is because it is the cheapest way to adjust the ride height. We make the shock correctly and with a whole different technology. You do not need this primitive method for adjustment with our shocks. Just because the part fits, does not mean it works.
d) We do not use any kind of air pressurization. To be blunt that is the worst way of adjusting shocks. It creates “Stiction” of the term "static friction" ("μs"). This means your shocks do not perform properly. Ask anyone in the hi-end shock business. Air adjustability can be achieved by either:
1) Pressurizing the shock body (like the majority & stock ones do). This causes the oil to foam and the seals to be squeezed onto the working area. Stiction!.
2) By putting on an airbag so the shock rides on it. This only changes the ride height. No difference in ride quality. The shock is uncontrollable because it is not permanently attached to anything. This makes for a uncontrollable situation, not dangerous at low speed but high speed, that is another story.

5) For a stock FL and you are a touring rider only and do not road race for a period of time (more than a few turns in a row or are competitively trying to spank another touring bike at the Dragon does not qualify) than you need only the basic shock. We do not want to sell you anything you do not need! We build them for your riding style and weight.
a) This shock gives you absolute comfort and the difference between the junk available for HD for years is night and day.
b) Need a lower shock, let us know & we can build it for you. We can custom make it for you up to 9 ½” eye to eye. No difference in ride quality. In the case of up to 1 ½” under requirements, we just change the shaft length and bumpers. Same travel, same shock body. Hard parts will hit sooner as the frame is lower.
1) I road race my stuff and do not recommend lowering any Harley, I raise them for ground clearance. I am 5’-9” w/a 27” inseam. I do not need lowering for myself & I deal with it.
6) Any person who purchases this product will receive full factory backing as well as your first line support (me). We will stay with you until you are totally pleased and the product performs at the peek performance. You must do some work like set the sag. This is done by a ratio between:
a) Weight of the bike on the center jack with the tire just touching the ground and the shocks fully extended.
b) (Sag) Weight of the bike off the center jack (weight of the bike only on the shocks). This measurement is controlled by the internals & spring rate.
c) Get on the bike the way you ride it 70% of the time & have someone measure the difference. If you are 300 lbs, ride with 250 lb wife & carry 100 lbs of gear 70% of the time, we set the shocks for that. If you are 150 lbs, ride 1 up, no luggage, same situation applies. We make the shock at the factory that way. If you get lucky 1 night at the bar, & wants to stay over with her stuff, no problems. Will not effect the shock ability to work providing she is not 600 lbs.
This measurement is controlled by spring rate (how heavy the springs are rated for). To change these predetermined measurements, spring rates are changed only.