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Convert your motorcycle to HID

Convert your Motorcycle to HID! (High Intensity Discharged) Xenon lights.

* This kit includes all you need for your upgrade on a Harley Davidson 12V system. I only sell HID that work in all 12V Harley Davidson's® & V-Twins.
* Duel beam Xenon (high beam and low beam) H-4 Bulb that is a direct plug and play unit.
* Note that passing lamps will function (not just on Lo Beam) on both Hi & Lo beam handlebar switch selection unless modifications are made.
* Works in your standard single H-4 headlight lens. No need to buy a duel bulb lens.
* Bi-xenon headlamps use a single xenon lamp to produce both the high beam and the low beam. The full light output is used to produce the high beam, while the low beam is formed by moving a shutter between the bulb and the lens, thus blocking off a portion of the light to convert your stock lens and focus into a useful beam.
* Phone Support during installation toll free
* Replacement bulb can be mailed overnight if you are on the road
* Customer Service is #1
* Please Note: It is important that you include your model, Year, Application of Bucket (if Custom only), Telephone # for contact.

Price for this High Quality unit as pictured:

Attention Road King®/Nacelle or Electra Glide® Type Batwing

One (1) Hid Kit = $247.39 includes ($12.40) Shipping
& Insurance via USPO Priority Mail (Lower 48 only ~ e-Mail me for other mailing options). *NOTE* This Kit will Allow/Convert the Passing Lamps to function on either Hi or Lo Beam Handlebar Switch Selection.



Attention Road Glide®

Two (2) Hid Kit(s) = $485.33 includes ($15.35) Shipping & Insurance via USPO Priority Mail (Lower 48 only ~ e-Mail me for other mailing options)..



In the case of custom bikes and need to move some of the internal components out of sight anywhere such as, back under an oil tank, side covers, or battery, NO Problem! A 6 foot extension cable is available for $10.99 (shipped free with
your kit)



* My bulbs cost more so the HID kits cost more.
* Problems, you see me. I answer my phone & get you through
the problems. Just inquire who provided the best customer service! Beats calling China or some guy from e-Bay.
* All quality components, not for the riders counting
pennies. You always get what you pay for; in this case you are getting a great deal.
* Do not shop price but shop quality. It is cheaper in a long run.
Advantage of My HID Xenon Bulb

1). The internal and external xenon bulb is Phillip’s, others may use GE or bulbs made in China. 
2) .The Metal Halide is made in USA, others may be made in China.
3). The Mercury’s Purity of xenon bulb is 99.999999%, others is 99.9999%. When the purity is more, the better the protection of the electrode.
4. Special for Phillip’s bulbs, the internal Xenon bulb’s Diameter is 9.0~9.1mm
5). The ability of Anti-UV is best when a Silica Crystal Glass tube is chosen.
6). Permeability is better.
7). The xenon gas is imported from Germany, the purity is higher.
8). Atmospheric pressure of internal bulb is higher; Keep up to 6 pa, that will protect the electrode and provide a longer xenon bulb life.
9). The international xenon bulb voltage is 85±17V,mine is 85±10V, suited for this specification & application.

What is included:

* H4(Bi-xenon/moving type)
* All necessary wires and accessories
* User Manual
* Warranty Card
* Gift Box
* Live Support!
* Warranty resolved with me, Right Here!
What You Get:

Warranty / Returns

» WARRANTY COVERAGE: Ballasts and/or Bulbs are warranted for a period of one (1) year from the date of the purchase. Warranty does not cover breakage due to improper installation, shipping or handling.

» EXCLUSIONS: Any defects resulting from water damage, fire, acts of nature, misuse, abuse, modification, improper installation, vehicle crash, or any type of impact. Any modification to the system or operating on a vehicle with damaged headlight housing will void the warranty. Motorcycle Metal will not be responsible for damages to automobiles resulting from the use, misuse, or inability to use a Motorcycle Metal product.