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Penske Shocks for the Touring Family

Penske Shocks for the Touring Family

#1: Emulsified, Nitrogen Gas, Non externally adjustable ~ Price $ ASK Each
#2: Emulsified, Nitrogen Gas, externally adjustable Via Sweep Valve ~ Price $650.00 Each
#3: (photo not available) Separator piston w/reservoir, Nitrogen Gas, externally adjustable Via Separate pair of needle valve for compression
and rebound ~ Price $XXX.XX Each


There are very good shock manufactures in the world that produce great shocks, however they are not offering them for Harley’s. Why? I was told that the Harley market does not care about riding, does not understand the mechanics of what suspension is, and will not pay for anything other than useless chrome do-dads. I have been riding for 39 years and this is B.S. I tried to buy shocks for myself, junk was all I can find available. I have/continue to help develop this latest offering, along with the legendary Eric Gray from G.M.D. COMPUTRACK® and Penske Racing Shocks, as a major upgrade for the Harley community. Many years at the track and countless hours of investigation into the mysteries of motorcycle handling characteristics have culminated into this offering.

Take a ride on them and the debate is closed. I travel to all of the major shows and bring my equipment for demonstration No chromie things, just performance! Why is it they just show the shock and never tell you how it performs? Well, I am here right now to change that! I bring the truth with me.

Individually Tailored
There is no shock that can be shipped right off the shelf to you, nothing in stock! We have to build you your shock just as in a fine tailored suit, it must be made to fit the individual. A list of questions must be filed out. We do not want to under/over sell you features you can not use. Just performance you can use!

Customer Service
As with all of my products, I stay with you the whole way. Any product not adjusted quite properly? We will get it right and do what ever it takes! We will tune your bike to your satisfaction together. There is no answering service (within reason as I do ride a motorcycle a lot) and there will never be no non-returned calls in the event
What Options To Choose From?
Once the PDF form is analyzed, we will make a recommendation to you. We will give you our opinion but they are your shocks. Our shocks are undoubtedly the finest available currently for the V-Twin. If they were not, I would not be involved in this project. I make this challenge to any shock manufacturer who currently offer shocks for sale commercially and available to the masses.

Lifetime Shocks
You can rebuild all shocks with the proper tools, documentation and skills right at home. Upgradeable and all components can be bought to change/repair your shock into any configuration (within reason) necessary. Lifetime Shocks, just switch them out and put them on your next bike. Riding style change, no problem. Throw them away and loose your investment?, NEVER!

Prices start at $600.00. We sell the shocks as well as parts by unit. The shocks are each.

Please find additional information, detailed drawings, adjustment options, and shock configurations on other links.